Here at Art of Persepolis Inc., we want to help you with any questions you have about buying/selling, restoration/preservation or pricing/appraisals. We know that buying antiques is sometimes just as important as selling them, so if you have any antiques you would like to sell please send us an Email and we'll be happy to find you a client, or purchase your items ourselves!

We are also committed to the professional repair and restoration of the finest carpets and textiles. Feel free to contact us and inquire further about this service, or to request an estimate on the repair or restoration/preservation of any of your beautiful carpets and textiles.

In addition to repairs, we would also be happy to appraise any antiques for our customers. Appraisal helps to determine value of your pieces so that you can make the most of your investment. And we will provide this service to you free of charge!

Art of Persepolis Inc. is devoted to listening to your individual requests. If you study, collect, or sell antique textiles, carpets, American hooked rugs and Persian art professionally or as a hobby, we can help you get any information you may need to complete any process you may need help with. Our extensive collection is a database of hands on information and our expertise and large clientel are all at your service!

If you're looking to purchase, you may be delighted to know that Art of Persepolis Inc. keeps all items of its collection photographed and archived. If you send us a description of what you are looking for, we will find the closest match to your request and will send you photos and a detailed description of our piece.

These services are all free of charge.

In return, Art of Persepolis Inc. would like to build a relationship with you that we may mutually benefit from in the future in the antique field.

Thank you very much for visiting our site, and we hope you come back again and find everything you need, have all your questions answered, and spread the word about Art of Persepolis Inc.!